Digital Bathymetrics

Welcome to the home of Digital Bathymetrics! Our web site is currently being updated for easier navigation. We appreciate your interest and would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact us with any questions or lake mapping requests.


At Digital Bathymetrics, we have been providing rapid, high quality, cost-effective, state-of-the-art submarine cartography since 1987. We are scheduling work for the 2004 season, and would gladly discuss any applications with you.

Most maps of aquatic ecosystems are old and were created with outmoded and inaccurate methods. Without good maps of lakes and rivers, it is impossible to correctly assess aquatic habitats or make accurate projections of water quality changes under altered loading. At Digital Bathymetrics, we use state-of-the-art methods that can map the most complex habitat, from small ponds to large lakes and advanced coastal zones. Our equipment is compact and transportable, enabling us to work in any environment, using kayaks to large research vessels.

Our methods ensure accurate maps. Our maps are based on carefully calibrated, bottom discriminating sonar and differential GPS. We use bottom slope and transducer angle corrections and tailored search geometry for each system. We employ a high standard of science-based methods that produce top quality.

We keep costs low and productivity high to provide the best cost-benefit. We use small, rugged field gear for easy deployment. We thus travel at minimal expense and use small or local vessels for data collection. We are a family-owned operation, so you save on infrastructure and labor costs. Outsourcing bathymetry to us means that you can save on in-house investment or we can add capacity to your program.

Digital Bathymetrics’ maps are technologically advanced and can be delivered in formats that fit your needs. Our maps have been published in scientific peer-reviewed journals (e.g., Anthony and Downing, 2003, Lake &-Reservoir-Management. 19(1): 1-14). Satisfied Digital Bathymetrics’ clients include government agencies, municipalities, consulting firms, private enterprise, and university scientists. Data and image products will be tailored to your specifications.